Thursday, 30 January 2014


When I started this blog, I had lots of ideas. My brain said "Oooooh! I could write about, this! Or that! Or maybe even a series of posts! How exciting!" So I began. In my first post I said this blog was going to be about sharing those things that get me excited.

So what happened?

I started thinking. And writing. (There's a lot of partially started posts kicking around in my drafts folder.) And thinking.

Then worrying.

Maybe I didn't have anything useful to say that hadn't been said before? Or I couldn't figure out how to formulate that perfect phrase to describe my excitement. Never mind - no-one would be interested anyway. So I kept putting it off. I prioritised other things. I didn't even toy with writing another post.

But then I felt disappointed that I hadn't written anything. It had taken only a few weeks for those inner doubts to come and sabotage what was meant to be a fun project. And I let them.

So, enough.

There may not be polished prose or unique musings, but I will be thinking (constructively!), making, doing, learning - and sharing - here again.

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